Welcome to Archway Lincoln Parent Service Organization

What the PSO Does

  • Encourages teacher/staff retention with our appreciation program (including monthly luncheons, snack donations, and other special events)
  • Runs the 100% volunteer based lunch program
  • Maintains and runs the 100% volunteer based library
  • Plans/executes student social events that builds community
  • Assists family and staff who are in need or are experiencing major life events
  • Produces the school yearbook
  • Supports students and teachers in the classroom
  • Bolsters school initiatives through passive fundraising events (restaurant nights, box tops, etc.)
  • Provides affordable uniform alternatives through used uniform collection, cleaning, and sale

We’re so glad you want to be a part of Archway Lincoln PSO! We encourage everyone to get involved with Archway Lincoln by 1. Giving to Community Investment and Tax Credit, and 2. by Volunteering.  If you’re new to the school, we encourage you to find out more about all of the ways you can volunteer and get involved by checking out this website and contacting PSO.

For more information about Community Investment and Tax Credit click here.

For the most up to date information on PSO, read the Headmaster Update every week and keep an eye on our PSO website.

To get involved, check out our volunteer page or fill out the interest form here and someone from PSO will be in contact with you soon!

Be sure to join the private Facebook group for Archway Lincoln PSO, as well, where you can connect with other parents, get homework help, and find out where we need help.

Lastly, if you ever have questions or concerns, we encourage you to send an email. Our inboxes are always open!

In partnership with you….

If you:

Then consider:

Want to interact with your children and their classmates

Class Liaison


Treat Friday


Are a crafter, love decorating, or can plan a party

Social Events

Class Liaison

Passive Fundraising

Read-a-thon Planning committee

Teacher Appreciation

Enjoy graphic design or photography

Yearbook Committee

Flyer creation

Have little ones at home

Used Uniforms

Flyer creation

Spring Shower coordination

Passive Fundraising

Volunteer Data Entry

Love to interact with your peers, are great at rallying the troops, or want to encourage a sense of community

Parent Involvement

Volunteer Committee

Parent Positive

New Family Partnership

Social Events

Short on time, but dying to help

Donating items to class celebrations

Teacher Appreciation

Social Events and more

Have a business, skill, or hobby you are willing to share with us

Donating your time, raffle/prizes, or other related items for teacher appreciation and other initiatives