Archway Lincoln Library

Archway Lincoln PSO works hard to make the library a welcoming and fun place for our students to come each week to hear stories and check out books!

Through the help of our Birthday Book Club and donations we continue to build our library book inventory and provide resources for teachers!  See below for more library information.

To join this important team, please email the Archway Lincoln Library Committee.

Want to volunteer in the Library? – Check the latest opportunities on our volunteer page. Library volunteer opportunities are typically not available until about the first week of September.  We want the students to get into a solid rhythm and routine.

  1. How to Help in the Library
    1. Check out books
    2. Read to a class
    3. Re-shelve books
    4. Sanitize tables and chairs
  2. Birthday Book Club

How to Help in the Library

Check out books

How to use the Computer:

  • Open the web browser and go to follett destiny
  • Log in (top right corner):
  • Once you are logged in click on the Circulation tap at the top.  On the left is a Check out tab and a Check in tab.
  • Find the student by scanning their library stick or typing in their name. Once the student is pulled up on the computer, simply scan the T#### on the back of the library book. Look to see that the book was scanned to them.
  • To check a book in, click on the Check in tab and scan the T#### on the back of the book. Once you see it on the computer it has been checked in.

Read to a class

  • Reading to the class is such a delightful experience!
  • Be brave and enjoy!!
  • Try to choose a positive book geared toward the age group in the library at the time.
  • Read with expression and a smile.  The kids don’t care if you are the best reader they have ever heard, they are just delighted to have you read to them.

Re-shelve books

  • Yellow cart = early readers through 2nd grade (left side of library)
  • Blue cart = 3rd-5th grade books (right side of library)
  • Books are shelved based on their type (ex: fiction, non-fiction, biography…) We use the Dewey decimal system for our non-fiction books.  Fiction books are shelved based on the authors’ last name. Picture books are “E Fic”, chapter books are “Fic” (K-2 Chapter for younger chapter books.
    • Ex:  Lord of the Rings would be shelved like this:
      • Fic
      • Tol

Sanitize tables and chairs

  • If you are in the library and have a couple spare minutes, I would appreciate help keeping our space clean.  We do have cleaners that regularly clean the library, but with the volume of students/teachers that rotate through daily, a little extra cleaning would be helpful!
  • Sanitizing wipes are kept in cabinet– please use!

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Birthday Book Club

To help facilitate the growth of our library, Archway Lincoln has adopted the Birthday Book Club instead of in-class birthday celebrations.

Find more information about Birthday Book Club here.