Passive Revenue Generation


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We firmly believe that passive revenue generation can be an extension of all of the things you already need or want to do. To this end, we’ve curated a list of opportunities for you to participate in that will help you give back to your children’s school!

Family Fun Night

Dinner with your friends while supporting the school!

A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to the Archway Lincoln PSO!

3/31/2022 Rubio’s Family Fun Night 3:30 – 8:00

4/13/2022 Papa John’s online orders

Box Top Collection

Until clippable box tops are completely phased out, we will continue to collect, count and submit them in the fall and spring of each year. Click here for more information on the changes coming to Box Tops.

10 cent will be donated to the Archway Lincoln PSO for every Box Top submitted.

October 18th

Our fall clippable Box Top collection date will be October 18, 2019. Please send in all of your clippable Box Tops to your child’s classroom on or before that date.

Shop ’til You Drop

The next time your significant other complains about your shopping addiction, you can say you’re just trying to give your children the best education possible. See if they have a comeback for that!

Learn more about online and frequent shopper opportunities here!