Read-A-Thon: Updates and Leaderboards

circle of reading kidsGood evening, Archway Lincoln families!

Boy, do we have some READERS in this school! As of 4 o’clock this evening, Archway Lincoln students have logged over

17,000 MINUTES of READING!!!

That’s amazing! That’s Incredible! THAT’S STUPENDOUS!

We have only been tracking our reading since Thursday, December 4th. FIVE DAYS!! And our children are reading a bunch! Our reading goal for the whole Read-a-Thon is 40,000 minutes — we thought it would be a stretch, but if our wonderful readers keep up at their current pace, they’ll BEAT IT!

Our reading leader is still Kaitlynn Ng with 1,959 minutes. Close behind her is:

  • Dylan Edgar
  • Carol Chen
  • Tommie Rivituso
  • Kaleb Garcia

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 3.40.39 PMOur kids have done an amazing job fundraising, as well. We’ve raised over $9,600! Some of that money goes directly to the classrooms, but the amount of money each class gets depends upon participation, so make sure you log into the website if you haven’t yet.

NOTE: “Participation” simply means you’ve logged your child in. You do not have to log reading or raise money (although we’re hoping you do both).

Also, the number of children who will be able to wear jeans on Denim Day, have wild hair on Crazy Hair Day, or play kickball with the teachers is growing…fast!

The current raising leader is Kaleb Garcia with $550. Kids who are in the running for Barnes & Noble gift cards are:

  • Lucy Strayer
  • Landon Stephenson
  • Seanna Harris
  • Sean Covington
  • Will Covington
  • Layna Post
  • Anikka Goya
  • Gracie Tijerina
  • Xavier Dion
  • Fauzia Yahya

Keep up the awesome reading and awesome fundraising. Everyone is doing a fantastic job!

If you need login information for your child or if you have any questions, please email Archway Lincoln PSO.

Happy Reading!

Read-A-Thon: Is Your Child’s Class Fun-Sock-Qualified?

funsocksHello Archway Lincoln families! Our Read-a-Thon pledge drive is off to a good start. We’re less than a week in and we’ve already raised $1,100 of our $15,000 goal!

You should have received a yellow sheet from your child’s teacher with their login and password information for’s online reading/donation tracker.

When you log your child on, you help their class qualify for Fun Sock Friday, so they can wear the most outrageous socks they own! Here’s each class’s participation percentage as of Monday evening:

  • Stecker – 71%
  • Cowen – 52%
  • Kim – 31%
  • Gore – 29%
  • Lehrer – 29%
  • Walls – 28%
  • Trujillo – 27%
  • Hadley – 25%
  • Draper – 24%
  • McNamara – 24%
  • Pape – 24%
  • Martino – 23%
  • Larson – 17%
  • Bagby – 10%
  • Jones-Corley – 7%
  • Leonard – 4%
  • Bowers – 3%
  • Coccia – 0%

Remember, your child’s class needs 75% of the students to log on. Just log on. Not send  emails asking for donations. Not log minutes read. (Although we hope you’ll do those things, too!)

Because some parents received their registration sheets late, we’ve extended the deadline to FRIDAY, November 20th! So don’t wait! Get your child logged on and hopefully they can begin to qualify for some of the other great prizes we have to offer during our Read-a-Thon!

The student who has raised the most money (as of Monday night) is Logan Sinykin in 1st grade. Way to go, Logan! You’re on your way to earning that Kindle Fire!

Class-wise, Mrs. Kim’s class has raised the most money so far with over $400 in donations. Awesome!

If you haven’t received your registration sheet, please email your teacher first. If you still need help, email Archway Lincoln PSO.

Thank you for participating and happy reading!

Is Your Child Signed Up for Read-A-Thon?

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 3.35.31 PMGood afternoon, Archway Lincoln families. You should have received a yellow flyer from your child’s teacher about how to log in and set up your child’s account for our upcoming Read-a-Thon. We encourage you to activate your child’s account soon. If 75% of your child’s class has activated their account before Wednesday, Nov 18th, their class qualifies for Fun Sock Fridayfunsocks

There are other great incentives, as well. If your child…

  • Raises $25, they can wear JEANS to school on Denim Day!
  • Raises $50, they can have an outrageous hairdoo on Crazy Hair Day!
  • Raises $100, they can play in the Teacher/Student Kick Ball Game!
  • Is one of the top 10 earners, they’ll be entered in a drawing for 1 of 4 $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards!
  • Is the TOP EARNER, they’ll win a new Kindle Fire!

And don’t forget that all children can come dressed as their favorite literary character on Thursday, December 17th, the last day of our Read-a-Thon!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 3.40.39 PMThe Read-a-Thon officially starts December 4th, but your child can begin receiving donations, logging minutes, and answering questions about the books they read at any time to start earning Wisdom Coins, which they can use to advance levels and decorate their Owl Avatars. Your teachers may post questions to the students, too, which will earn them even more Wisdom Coins!

The Learn2Earn website has lots of helpful information and instructional videos on how to activate your child’s account and navigate which you can view here. Instructions are also located on the back of the sheet that came home with your child.

If you have any questions or did not receive instructions with your child’s login and password, please email Archway Lincoln PSO.

Remember, sign up your child by November 18th for Fun Sock Friday!