63 Donations to Dunk Tank!

Hi Parents,

Most of you know by now that if we get 50% of the student body to bring in just one donation for the read-a-thon, then we get to see Mrs. Atolagbe, Coach Cook, and several teachers in the dunk tank at the end of the week!  We are still 63 students shy of our goal.  This means we need 63 students who have not gotten a donation yet, to get just one donation.  The donation can be of any amount, it does not have to be a lot.  If your student has not raised one donation yet, please consider logging in tonight and doing so.  We really want to be able to do this fun activity with the school, but we have to meet our goal first!  I would really love to be able to say over announcements in the morning that we have met this goal.

Read-a-thon ends this Wednesday!  Time is running out!