Last Day: $18,000+…Almost There!

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-1-58-48-pmGood afternoon, Archway Lincoln families! We are so proud of how hard our students (and parents) have worked during this Read-a-Thon. The number of minutes read WAAAAY surpassed what we ever expected (over 200,000 minutes!), and we know that many students today are enjoying both dressing as their favorite literary character and engaging in the various activities that teachers had planned.

Today’s total so far — on our last day — is just over $18,000! What a significant impact this is going to make on our library and classrooms! We’ve topped last year’s fundraising by almost $4,000, as well.

The Read-a-Thon officially ends at midnight tonight, so there is still time for one more donation, if you can get it.

Beginning next week, your child will receive “vouchers” inviting them to participate in the different incentives we have coming up, depending on which ones they qualified for.

If your child qualified for the kickball game, you’ll receive a permission slip for them. It must be filled out and returned to their teacher so we know how many kids are playing. If they participate, they MUST pack a lunch. We cannot bring hot lunches out to the field.

All the information about the different incentives — and the dates they’ll happen — can be found on our Read-a-Thon page.

We hope you and your children have enjoyed this format for our Read-a-Thon fundraiser. If you have feedback about Whooo’sReading and/or the Read-a-Thon in general, please email Archway Lincoln PSO. We want to hear from you!