The Last Hurrah…Make It Heard!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.43.18 PMWe’re down to the wire — to the last day, actually, of our Read-a-Thon — and we’re SO CLOSE to meeting our goal of $15,000! We’re at $12,338…just a couple thousand to go!

Believe us when we tell you that the Lincoln community has exceeded our expectations. Every time we tell someone (such as a parent at another Great Hearts school) how successful we’ve been, they’re surprised. We’re a new school, they think. How can they do so well? But it’s amazing what can happen when we all come together!

Don’t forget on Thursday your child can dress as their favorite literary character. We’ll see knights, princesses, Zeus, Frances (from “Bread and Jam for Frances”), Frog and Toad, and plenty of other amazing characters. Your child’s teacher may have special reading events planned, as well. Be sure to look over all their emails and check their blogs.

Once school resumes in January, the kids that have qualified for the different incentives will be issued mini-certificates entitling them to Denim Day or Crazy Hair Day, so be sure to check their backpacks.

In the meantime, have your kids ask a few more folks for a few more dollars and hopefully we can reach our goal!

If you have any questions, please email Archway Lincoln PSO.

Happy reading!